Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chris Pratt in Vanity Fair

My word.
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The Amazing Jane Goodall

CNN has an amazing article on the legendary Ms Jane Goodall HERE.

Go read it.

This beautiful woman is enchanting and simply iconic in conversation.

Love her.


Monday, January 16, 2017

China Is Laughing At Us.

This isn't good.  Really.  Given the potential conflicts / risks / issues that the USA will have with China in the coming years, we will most likely be operating from a point of weakness.


Full story HERE at JoeMyGod.

Man Monday - MLK Jr

We should all have a dream.
We should all be able to live the dream.
We should never deny anyone a dream.
We should continue to work on Dr Kings' dream.

We owe him and ourselves nothing less.


The Young Pope

 I have just watched episode 1 of the HBO Series - The Young Pope.

It stars Jude Law as an american who becomes the Pope of the Catholic church.  "Lenny Belardo" is elected Pope Pius XIII.  He is a chain smoking conservative who has quite the hand on power.  It is too early to give a review of the series.  I was not particularly overwhelmed by the first episode, which is unusual for a television series.  They usually like to pack a punch early on to get you hooked.

I am not hooked but I am keen to see where this goes.

Jude Law so far is intriguing as Pope Pius XIII.  He, unfortunately, has the stereotypical American personality - Bluster; Arrogance; Disrespectful; Status greedy.   I am hoping that he is fleshed out better in episode 2.  Otherwise this will be an obvious imagining.

Diane Keaton (Seen below with Jude Law's Pope) on the other hand looks to be the bright role of this show as Sister Mary, who brought up Lenny/Pope Pius as a child and helped him mature to the Pope he is today.  She gives a wonderful glimpse of her stalwart loyalty mixed with a strong hand of reality.

A synopsis of the show can be found HERE.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Neo-Nazis Attack Gay Jewish Man

in Chile who was Wearing T-Shirt Bearing Flag of Israel....

article reprinted from Towleroad... link in sidebar.

jorge arce chile attack
A young gay, Jewish man was allegedly attacked in Bustamente Park in Santiago, Chile.
The LGBTQ rights group MOVILH reported that Jorge Arce was walking through the park wearing a t-shirt with the flag of Israel on it which his mother had given him when he was followed by three men.
The men, who wore neo-Nazi symbols, followed him, first yelling “murderer” and then punching him in the chest and slashing him with a razor.
Arce belongs to the Hod Jewish Sexual Diversity Group, an LGBT Jewish organization.
Said Arce to MOVILH: “I had 40 slashes on my arm. Some marks will last forever. Just for being Jewish. The pain is overwhelming.”
MOVILH denounced the hate attack and said it would stand in solidarity with the Jewish Community of Chile, which released a statement saying “we cannot allow hate to continue in this country.”

Alec Baldwin Doing Trump's Press Conference

This is hilarious on so many levels :)


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Guilty Pleasure - Rami Malek

Not everyone gets his appeal - but I do.

And then some.

Mmmmmmm mm.


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Zoe Saldana - WTF?

So apparently Ms Saldana believes we bullied Trump during the election and we should think about that.

I am out.

There article is HERE.